30 Shows @ The Compound, a new song, and some gigs on the horizon!

30 Shows @ The Compound, a new song, and some gigs on the horizon!

Hey Gang

Well, who knew we’d still be playing Friday Night Live @ The Compound?? Not this little black duck, that’s for sure.

But here we are, 31 shows later, and we are so grateful to still have an audience tuning in each week, getting involved in the theme and “virtually” singing along with us.

Our 30th show was “Songs You Had On A Cassette” because I heard a segment on the radio called “Remember When You Used to Have to…” It made me think of all those songs I loved on cassette, and recording songs from the radio, and trying to write down the lyrics, and get a copy where the announcer didn’t speak over the top! We got some great tunes from our audience for the night and you can check out the show right here…

A NEW SONG! I really wanted to give you all something a little special for our 30th and I happened to have written a song that week and I worked pretty hard to get it finished to share it on that landmark show.

It’s called “From Now On” and I suppose it’s very indicative of the times we have been experiencing until just recently – fear, uncertainty, seperation, desperation. I wanted to spread some hope for you guys, but also for myself and all my friends who have been left unemployed and scared for their future. It’s still a “work in progress” but you can check out the debut performance here…

Debut performance – a little shaky, but you get the idea!

SOME GIGS IN THE BOOK! We are so excited and blessed that there has been some lifting of restrictions, and venues have started to book in some more entertainment. It’s not set in stone – I did have one gig book in and then disappear two days later!! – but it’s something to look forward to. Maybe we can see some of you “in the flesh” at one of these soon. You can check out the dates here…


Until we do see you somewhere, we’ll still be playing online, for any of our friends joining us from interstate or internationally. You have done so much for us, helping us feel connected, so we want to stay connected!

Look after yourselves, stay well



2 thoughts on “30 Shows @ The Compound, a new song, and some gigs on the horizon!

  1. Have loved every show and we are blessed that you come into our lounge room each and every Friday night. You only need to read the comments each week to see how many enjoy their Friday night in The Compound so thanks so much to you both for giving up your time to bring so much joy and song into our lives.

    I love all the songs you write Lisa. They always hit a chord with me and have so much meaning to them. Keep them coming!!

    Great to see you’re finally getting some live gigs again. Hoping so much that Twin Towns re-book your KD Lang show so we can finally have the chance to see you perform live again xxx

    1. Hey Karen
      How lovely of you to take the time to respond like that.
      I’m so glad we’re still being remotely entertaining, and that you like my songs. We hope that Twin Towns will bring us back ASAP xx

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