A Bassoon and a Pajama Party

“What did she say?” I hear you ask. Yes this weeks’ story is about both these things. Let me explain……

A BASSOON. This week we began to add the “gravy” to my latest album – “Constant Craving – The Music of kd lang”. This process involves a lot of things that you can hear but not see – reverb, and EQ, room mics. These things all happen “virtually” and very quickly at the hands of Dan Skeed @ Skeed Music. They all combine to create a lush, “studio quality” sound that comes through your headphones and, hopefully, transports you somewhere special.

One thing we could see this week, however, was a Bassoon. This a quite a large woodwind instrument. My wife, Kerri (you may remember her as the crazy one from our Divas Show, or the piano playing singer in our duo Just Jammin’) actually has a Masters in Performance on Bassoon! (You don’t hear THAT very often). So when I was orchestrating the arrangement for “Hallelujah” I included a Flute and a Bassoon in my set of instruments to add a little “breathy” tone to it.

In the studio, we then brought this to life by bringing Kerri in to play the real thing. It’s an extemely complex instrument that she has been playing for years and it’s worth more that a luxury Four Wheel Drive!!!

Kerri and her Bassoon

A PAJAMA PARTY. Last week we took our “Live @ The Compound” series on the road and had a blast with my family. This week we stayed home, got out the onsies and had a Pajama Party. The usual hijinx ensued, as only it can with Kerri and I around, but this week it was a little different. This week we had the very exciting opportunity to have our long time keyboard player and dearest friend Alex Hudson come into The Compound and play with us.

We have been singing and playing together for over 12 years I think, and the thing we love to do is sing in harmony. What a treat for Kerri and me to have her along. I think the folks at home might have enjoyed it too!

Thanks, as always, for dropping by. Hope you are all doing ok. Look after yourselves and your loved ones. Maybe we’ll see you in The Compound on Friday at 7.30pm www.facebook.com/lisacrouch1



4 thoughts on “A Bassoon and a Pajama Party

  1. Oh Lisa and Kerri I thought i missed the Pajama Party because I was in Nepean hospital with a chest infection. I love to see this. I just love to see you both singing and acting , and dancing around. It keeps us all happy.

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