Another Lockdown? Don’t worry, be happy

Hey Gang, It’s been a while since I’ve posted here because, you know, GLOBAL PANDEMIC!! Yes, the world is STILL upside down and we are STILL playing LIVE @ THE COMPOUND every Friday Night. Who’d have thought we’d still be here, but here we are and we have to make the most of it don’t we?

So……what’s been happening? We’ve been so pleased to still stay in contact with our Compound Family and it really keeps us on our toes. We’ve learned more new songs and explored more new topics than we ever would ITR (In The Real). We did “Happy” songs this week.

I’ve updated the website to include ALL THE SHOWS we’ve done so far. Head over to the Live @The Compound page to see your fave.

We’ve had HOME HAIRCUTS! Yes!!! Someone as fussy as me, with a VERY distinct hairstyle, has resorted to DIY! We haven’t done the BLEACH YET (what… thought it was NATURAL???) but we’re close! I’m also close to shaving my head like Britney Spears.

We’ve RETURNED TO THE RENO. Our seemingly endless back yard reno is taking off again, as we have quite a bit of time on our hands and this is helping to keep us a little more active and get us outside.

We’re WFH as they are calling it – WORKING FROM HOME. Kerri is teaching and preparing HSC students via ZOOM. This has got to be the most difficult thing as she teaches MUSIC, which is a PRACTICAL subject. We’re also totally LOCKED DOWN so she can’t go there to help them out. She’s doing a great job. I’m COACHING CROSSFIT via ZOOM. This is VERY interesting as Kerri says she has to apologise to people in her meeting while I am telling the people in my meeting to SQUEEZE THEIR BUTTS! Haha

We’re TRYING SOMETHING NEW. We’re cooking different things and we’re going to do something VERY NEW for THE COMPOUND this week. ZOOM TRIVIA!!! We’ve been with our Compound Family (The Compoundians) for 68 weeks now and we thought it was TIME TO SEE THEIR FACES. So we’re having a ZOOM! You can join us, as you can any Friday night by cicking this link

Time: Aug 13, 2021 07:30 PM Canberra, Melbourne, SydneyJoin Zoom Meeting…

Meeting ID: 819 2533 6899
Passcode: 029647

Maybe we’ll see you there or you can join us here ANY FRIDAY at 7:30pm

Whatever you are doing, stay safe and well



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