Happy New January – The Easter Eggs are out and a New Year in The Compound

Happy New January – The Easter Eggs are out and a New Year in The Compound

Hey Gang,

It’s almost the end of January already! Where has THAT gone?

Just wanted to touch base with you all and say HAPPY NEW YEAR. We are looking forward to a relaxing of restrictions that will soon see SINGING and DANCING to be FUN and NOT HAZARDOUS to our health. We are looking forward to playing LIVE again and seeing all your faces IN THE FLESH. We are looking forward to a more POSITIVE year and seeing SMILES on peoples’ faces. Let’s get out there and GET IT!

EASTER EGGS! Already?? Of course there are! The one thing you might not know about me is that I have been hypnotised NOT TO EAT CHOCOLATE! There were a few other things on that list that have crept back in over the years, but the chocolate thing…..still strong! I can buy Easter Eggs for my family and friends but I can’t touch them! Haha

One Easter Egg I CAN touch and give to you is MY NEW ALBUM! (Insert plug here! Haha) You can get YOUR EASTER COPY, or VALENTINES DAY copy or EASTERN EUROPEAN CROCHET DAY copy (and what a day it is) right here on this website (how convenient) Just click here…

What a great gift!

THE COMPOUND CONTINUES. A New Year and we are STILL in The Compound! We are calling this year SEASON TWO, and are coming up to Season 2 Episode 5 when we go LIVE this week. The theme is SONGS WITH BABY IN THE TITLE. There are a few Compoundians who make it their mission to find a WORLD PREMIERE – a song we don’t know! Tune in this week to see what they come up with, or maybe request a song of your own. www.facebook.com/lisacrouch1

You can actually catch up on all 42 Shows we have done so far by visiting The Live @ The Compound page on this very website. There have been some cracker nights and some funny nights and some downright insane ones! You can check it out here

Not much else to say but we hope you are all well, stay safe, and make a date to see your friends in the flesh…..it’s important.



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