QM2 Chronicles

QM2 Chronicles

Lisa Crouch, the Powerhouse Diva has been missing in action…..find out why!

Tomorrow Lisa finally returns home from an unscheduled extension of her contract on the Queen Mary 2. This news just in….

My contract on the beautiful QM2 was originally from 11th to 17th March. I was to do 1 and a half shows and off. The shows were well received with great feedback from people from all over the world.

Due to a cyclone in Darwin we could not disembark. So the plan was to go to Bali, our next scheduled port. Apparently we were supposed to pick up immigration officials in Darwin to clear the ship. They didn’t even fly to Darwin and we never made it so that, coupled with a National Day of Silence in Bali, meant we couldn’t call in there either.
So onward to Singapore. I will disembark there after doing a 3rd show for the folks, with the wonderful 8 piece band.  “It’s not work is it??”   It’s been lovely meeting folks from all over the planet and catching up with musicians I have worked with before. This Powerhouse Diva sure gets around!!

Well Lisa, we are sure glad you are heading home and wish you a safe touch down. 

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  1. Hello Lisa! We were on QM2 and we GREATLY enjoyed your performances! You helped make our “express trip” to Singapore a fantastic journey and it was wonderful chatting with you too. Wishing you all the very best. Cheers, Murray Krantz & Keray Henke (from Canada). Your renditions of our Canadian superstars were MUCH appreciated.

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