Studio Session 2 …..

Studio Session 2 …..

or what song would you LEAST expect to hear on a kd lang album??

Hey Gang

I spent 2 days this week in the studio with the amazing Dan Skeed (#skeedmusic) getting the bones of 3 new tracks down on “tape”. (Of course there is no tape anymore….but you get what I mean right?)

The magic man – Dan Skeed

We began the week adding backing vocals (BVs) to the previous session where we did “Constant Craving”. I was pretty happy with that. It’s awesome to hear 6 versions of yourself singing all together….still blows my mind and it’s really fun to do.

The we moved on to the LEAST likely song you would find on a kd lang album…..

Yes…..she did really sing this!

This song was so much fun to sing. I have actually never sung it before and it was a blast. Everything from the amazing Burt Bacarach melody to the “woah woah woooah” part. Hopefully you can hear that in the little snippet above.

The second session this week was working on a beautiful ballad, written by Melissa Etheridge, called “Sleep While I Drive”. She and kd lang sang it as a duet on a special and I happened to find a video of it. We do it in the show (Constant Craving – The Music of kd lang SEE IT AT REVESBY WORKERS ON FEB 29th) and thought it would be a great track to have on the album. My lovely wife, Kerri provided the “kd” part and I provided the “Melissa.”

It’s been a while since I played guitar so it took a little while to get it down.

And things got a little silly

Benno the Booth Dog was of course on hand to supervise at all times

Benno working soooo hard

It was a really productive week in the little glass box and I am really looking forward to sharing these songs with you all very soon.

Meanwhile – you can see the whole show live @ Revesby Workers on 29th Feb. Tickets are available here Celebrate the leap year with us

Cheers Lisa

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