The kindness of others….

The kindness of others….

Recently I had the great pleasure of performing on Cunard Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary 2 in their local legs of the World Cruise. 

Both ships had a mixed audience from all over the world.
The Queen Elizabeth had a truly wonderful 8 piece band and a great backstage team. The 2 shows were extremely well received and I had so many lovely comments from people from all countries. I was very touched to receive a special gift from a Japanes lady. She called it a “simono”. It’s a cute panel featuring Japanese icons. It was so nice of her. 
The Queen Mary also had a great 8 piece band and a really fabulous backstage team. The first show was formal night and was standing room only. The audiences really sang along and seemed to enjoy the energy of the show. I met some really lovely folks from all over the world again saying things like “Among the best I’ve ever heard” and ” favourite show ever” and “2 good things that come out of Sydney….you and the Pacific highway!”
I received another thoughtful gift from a couple from Sth Carolina – The Dunsters. It’s a set of pot mats made by a young Amish girl. I was so thrilled to think I had moved them enough to give me a gift.
I am so lucky to have a job like mine

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