CONSTANT CRAVING – The music of kd lang

Presented by the “Powerhouse Diva” – Lisa Crouch. 

“Constant Craving” has been a dream idea for some time, but it wasn’t until we saw kd lang herself, in concert, at the ICC in Sydney, that we realised that this was a project that needed to be brought to life. Kd’s performance of the “Ingenue” album during the 25th Anniversary Tour was nothing short of sublime – a consummate professional with a voice of pure velvet.

We loved the fact that the entire album was presented without dialogue, allowing the audience to feel and travel through this unique musical experience at their own pace. The idea of the concept was to perform it unchanged, to be a truly authentic reproduction of the album.  It gave us a different appreciation of the music and the performer, allowing us as audience members, to see and hear the importance of every note put on the page. No stone was left unturned and no emotion was left untouched throughout this extraordinary flawless recreation of “Ingenue”.

Ground breaking at the time of it’s release, “Ingenue” was the album that opened the eyes of the world, and allowed them to see a “Kooky little Country singer from Canada” – someone destined to be one of the great divas of our generation.

So it is here that our journey started – attempting to recreate this amazing album. So we gathered together our life long musician friends, who have the talent, a love and an appreciation for these songs, and we put together “Constant Craving”. We teamed the album with a number of duets and special covers that showcase the unrivalled talent that is kd lang.   We hope you like it….we do!

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