Some new gigs, and The Compound Continues

Some new gigs, and The Compound Continues

Hey Gang,

I can’t believe it’s already March 2021. March 2020 lasted 5 months so I guess it all makes sense somewhere. The year is getting away quickly but there is some good news……..WE HAVE SOME GIGS!

Slowly, there is life returning to some Sydney venues, and boy are we grateful to those who are making this happen. Musicians are meant to play, and we have missed playing LIVE in a venue. Granted, we have been playing “live” now for months, a total of 49 shows, for which we are super grateful, but the LIVE aspect is the thing we really miss.

PLAYING LIVE – We played in an actual venue just last week and had a visit from some of our COMPOUNDIANS! It was so cool to see you all sitting there IN THE ACTUAL FLESH. What a great way to spend a night – playing music with our friends.

Me, Wendy C, Yvonne (waving), Kerri, and 2 friends
a friend, Kerri, Me, James and Katherine
Then we got PHOTO BOMBED!

SOME GIGS – I have a SHOW on Thursday this week at CANTON BEACH SPORTS CLUB. If you’re in the area and you would like to drop in for lunch and a show, check it out here

Or maybe AVOCA BEACH BOWLING CLUB on 2nd April

Or our BIG SHOW – POWERHOUSE DIVAS @ Club Burwood on 10th April. This is with our amazing 6 piece band. All singing, all dancing, all live!

All the concerts you ever wanted to see in ONE SHOW. Details will be available soon from the Club Burwood website

So excited to do this again

In the meantime JUST JAMMIN’ LIVE @ THE COMPOUND returns for show #49 (Season 2 Episode 12). This week the theme is SONGS THAT MENTION THE WEATHER. Get your thinking caps on, post your faves on the event, and then tune in Friday at 7:30pm on to watch us LIVE

Take it easy


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