Powerhouse Shows on the “Cunard Queens”

Powerhouse Shows on the “Cunard Queens”

Hey Gang

February, March and April have seen me , once again, onboard the beautiful Cunard Queens Elizabeth and Victoria. It is a very great privilege to have the opportunity to travel on these historic liners and play with a wonderful 8 piece band.

Travelling quite close to Australia made the “getting there” easy and I was put straight to work upon my arrival. Once the shows are over though I get the opportunity to use the fabulous facilities and meet with the other “guest entertainers”. I have been lucky to work with some dear friends in these 2 months and spend some quality time with these wonderfully talented humans. The audiences were really receptive and I had a blast.

I also had the opportunity to meet new and fascinating people and hear their stories. One such person was Dr Graham Jones MBE. He was a 40 year veteran of Her Majesty’s Army and was The Queen’s Musical Director!! He was responsible for organising the music for things like The Queen’s Birthday Celebrations, The Trooping of the Colours, The Edinburgh Tattoo. He shared amazing stories of playing for the Royals and the logistics of putting together these massive events and just how important his bands were in times of conflict. An amazing guy. We bush walked together in Picton NZ and burned more than a few calories.

With one more trip on The Queen Elizabeth to go, I will be sad to see the Grand Ladies leave our waters. Until next year!

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