Back in The Studio, on The Web and On The Road

Back in The Studio, on The Web and On The Road

Hey Gang
The world, and Australia, is still constantly changing and I hope you are coping as things remain in flux around us.

ON THE ROAD – We are finding little pockets or “normality” beginning to open up and I was beyond excited to go to Budgewoi Soccer Club last week and do a show, with a band and a live audience. I was so nervous I couldn’t sleep……what if I don’t remember how to do this?….what if they don’t like me anymore?…..what if I suck???

I was so nervous I came out and spoke so quickly, I had to apologise to the folks and explain. Oh how wonderful to sing with live musicians and see the people tapping along. How I’ve missed it. There may not be another one for a while, but it was so awesome to be among friends and get that buzz from a live gig!!

Just Jammin’ will be On the Road this week, taking our popular “Live @ The Compound” series on a trip to my see my family. Tune in on Friday night at 7.30pm and you might just see my whole clan in a fireside jam session.

ON THE WEB – This might surprise you but I am a little technically challenged sometimes! Haha. I know how to do quite a few things but editing this page and creating new pages is something I am still learning.

So I was excited to create a new page for this website called “Live @ The Compound”. Here you can see ALL the shows we have done from our Living Room since the lockdown began. All you have to do is go here and click any button to check out the show. I’d love to know what you all think of our shenanigans . As always we are really grateful to anyone and everyone who has watched, and/or is still watching us.

BACK IN THE STUDIO – I was lucky enough, recently, to dive back into The Booth and finish the final vocals for my kd lang album. I was beyond excited to be creating again @Skeed Music.

Dan Skeed and his talent!

These final vocals were some BVs (backing vocals) for “Reminiscing” and the main vocal for “Hallelujah”. I jumped straight into it, a little nervous that I might need to warm back into it, but before you knew it we had 4 BV parts down and doubled and it was sounding lush! Whew!

Then we tackled the big one – “Hallelujah”. It was such a thrill to hear the arrangement I have done coming through the “cans”, and just trying to let my voice join in and be part of that. We took several takes and then “comped” together our favourite bits. Yes, I’m sorry to say, that very little happens in a studio without some intervention! After all, we want you to get your money’s worth.

Next steps are to add “the gravy” – the guitars, hand percussion and any other vocals we think we need. I’m super excited with what we have so far. Here’s a little “sneak peak” of What The Booth Heard when we were doing “Hallelujah”

3 thoughts on “Back in The Studio, on The Web and On The Road

  1. Thanks for the news and video clip. Just love the way you do this song. Keep safe. Take care. Love to both of you. xxx
    Ps Is Ben on the road with you?

  2. I’m excited for you gals! The compound is awesome but exciting you doing live events again! The whole wide world needs to see and hear your talents! You gals have a true gift and I for one feel very blessed having you in my life! Don’t be nervous Lisa, you will whooo the live audience as you have always done! Back on the bike Luv lol

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