Zoom, Facebook Live and Lisa Live

Zoom, Facebook Live and Lisa Live

Hey Gang

Things have been strange for a few weeks now, you don’t need me to tell you that! We are shopping online, dining out online and even having drinks with friends or exercising online. Safe to say, we have been doing gigs online as well with our “Just Jammin’ @ The Compound” Series on Facebook.

ZOOM – Some of you may not know that I am a qualified Crossfit Level One Trainer. “Of course you are” I hear you cry. “Look at that body!!” Haha.

I have been doing some casual coaching for a while and, quite recently, I have been a regular coach at 365 Performance Crossfit Chipping Norton, where I first started as a client myself, about 5 years and 5000 burpees ago!! Enter “The Virus” and suddenly we are looking for ways to interact with our fellow exercise junkies “online”, and keep ourselves motivated to workout on our own. Thanks to “Zoom” we are holding classes from our own homes, and working out with our friends even though we are physically seperated. How cool is that?

Doing mobility with these legends from our gym.

We have also been doing meetings for the charity I work with – ALVA – Women in Entertainment – which is in it’s 41st year. Imagine how scary and new it was for our committee members (one of whom is in her 80s!!) to have a “virtual” meeting? But they embraced it and we are keeping in touch.

I had dinner and drinks with dear friends via Zoom the other night. My friend hasn’t left his house since the lockdown as he is differently abled. It’s so great to be able to see him and have a laugh.

How wonderful that, even though we are seperated, we are still able to use technology for “good instead of evil” and check up on our friends and family. Let’s hope that keeps up when things return to “normal”.

FACEBOOK LIVE – We continue to enjoy the opportunity to flex our musical muscles online each Friday with our “Just Jammin’ @ The Compound” series. We are setting up in our loungeroom and broadcasting to The World. We have had folks tuning in from Mexico, England, California, North Carolina and even Poland! It’s amazing to think we can reach so many people from our home. It’s also a great way not to get rusty in these times when we aren’t playing every day. We’ve had a theme each week, last week was “One Hit Wonders”. This week we are doing “Showstoppers” so if you’re doing nothing friday night (and, lets face it, we are) why not tune in here


at 7.30pm on Friday night for an hour of great songs. Maybe you can even ask for a request?

LISA LIVE – Yes, this week I played for actual people! I have to tell you, I was a bit nervous! I haven’t played for a real “live” audience since March and I was worried I might have lost my Mojo. The venue was “The Royce” in Penrith and I was positioned in an outdoor communal area and the folks were able to sit in their units, and watch from the balconies. They called out requests and clapped and sang along. It was heaps of fun and I, not so secretly, have missed the applause! There were a few very special “ladies” who were in the audience too.

The Ladies Who Lunch

They Could Have Danced All Day
Watching From Home
This Was “Oh Carol” – She Was A Bit Of A Goer!
Even The Staff Were In On The Fun!

It seems a bit like Ground Hog Day at the moment, but these days we have to look for a little Sunshine in everything. These were a few moments for me and I hope you have found some too

see you soonish



4 thoughts on “Zoom, Facebook Live and Lisa Live

  1. A lovely read dear Lisa! I see you met the Charming Ladies. My little Boss and Squeezy have been with Nepean Therapy Dogs for years and Nicole and ‘The Ladies’ are quite an icon around the Penrith area. I’ve really loved your ‘Live @ The Compound’ gigs. They’ve been something to look forward to after a very quiet week. Thank you so much and I hope that you’ll be back performing to non-virtual audiences soon.
    Lots of love,

    1. Hey Rebekah
      Thanks for having a read. That’s amazing that you and your pooches are therapy dogs and human. What a great and necessary service you provide. Thanks for aways being so supportive and We really do appreciate out virtual audience just as much xxx

  2. Lisa, this is a great site. Thank you for sparing so much of your precious time keeping us up to date with you.
    This period if time is sure teaching all of us different ways of life. It would have been amazing in that garden.
    Im glad you will be going to Budgewoi. They love you up there. It was so much fun the day I went.
    Don’t ever be a little bit nervous about performing in front of people, you, of course, can do it, you have a great voice and you are a fantastic performer.
    I will miss you and Kerri on FABULOUS FRIDAY when life is back to normal. I will just have to sus out your concets then.

    1. Thanks so much for dropping by and having a look Jude. We are so grateful for your support and your wonderfully happy personality. xxx

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