Just Jammin’ – first live stream of the Apocolypse

Just Jammin’ – first live stream of the Apocolypse

Hey Gang

Last night Just Jammin’, award-winning duo featuring myself and my lovely wife Kerri, performed our first-ever “live stream” direct from our front room to the rest of the world!

We decided there has been a whole lot of scary stuff online of late, and I guess that’s unavoidable right now, so we wanted to provide a little light entertainment to break that news cycle. Sooooo, we set up our equipment in the front room and did a little sound check, ready to unleash ourselves on the unsuspecting human population.

That was before we knew we had to turn the phone upright!! OOPS

On a side note, it seems to me that there were an awful lot more leads used last night than we use at an actual gig. Add to that a greyhound, in a purely supervisory role, and you get a VERY crowded floor space.

7.30pm ticked over on the digital clock and we were off. Fully anticipating there to be crickets and tumbleweeds from the virtual audience, we were absolutely amazed as the screen lit up with people tuning in – well, that’s what Kerri told me…..the phone was so far away to fit us both in the shot, that I couldn’t really see it!

We were given a cyber hi five from places like California, Scotland, Canada, all over Australia, and even from the Queen Victoria Cruise Liner herself! We did requests and had a laugh and hopefully lifted a few spirits…..we know some folks were lifting spirits of a different kind while watching….and that’s cool too – it makes us look better!!

All in all it was a very quick hour that we thoroughly enjoyed! We are already planning what to do next Friday night. If you aren’t doing anything, and let’s face it, who is??? Tune in the my Facebook page at 7.30pm and join the fun. Here’s a snapshot of what this week looked like

On another note, we have found our whole Arts industry and community absolutely decimated by this world-wide pandemic. I know I, along with many of my friends and colleagues, are wondering what to do next. I have been wondering who I am without my music. And….you know what…..my music hasn’t left me. I am music and music is me……I also lift heavy things, and coach at a gym, but I will always be a singer, a story teller, a person who reaches out to touch other humans with my songs. For that I am grateful.

Stay safe out there


2 thoughts on “Just Jammin’ – first live stream of the Apocolypse

  1. Was great to see you both entertaining us all last night 😘 bring on next fri night . Thankyou both so much , I thoroughly enjoyed it . You both made my boring fri night in so much better , being able to see you both perform was amazing 😉 . Thankyou again . Love Michelle 😘💗🦋🙏

    1. Thanks so much Michelle. You are such a great support for us and we really appreciate you and your friends joining us both in real life and online. xxx

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