Recording, kd, and The Queens

Recording, kd, and The Queens

Hey Gang,

Well, what interesting times we are living in. I hope this finds you all safe and well.

Recently things have been very interesting for me, musically and otherwise.

RECORDING … As you might remember I have been in the studio creating my tribute to kd lang. This has been a fascinating experience as I always learn so much sitting at the console watching my producer Dan (Skeed Music – #legend) at work. Hearing my voice coming through raw can be scary and disheartening – I feel like if anyone heard that outside this room they’d run a mile. But, through the magic of technology, a bit of love and a lot of patience, it all comes out ok.

I am actually thrilled by how the songs are coming together. I have learned a lot about each song, as I have been breaking it down to record. I think I have a new perspective and a new-found respect for each one, and for the voice of kd lang who I am humbly paying tribute to.

We’ve a had a little fun with some of the covers on the album……like this little excerpt.

What instrument am I playing???

KD…February saw us bring “Constant Craving – The Music of kd lang” to Revesby Workers Club.

Me and…well….Me!

It was the night of Mardi Gras (very pertinient!) and I was (more than) quite apprehensive about how many we might have turn up to see our show. With Sydney’s best around me – Alex Hudson (keyboards and bv’s (black vegas….you’ll have to ask her!), Ellie Moroney-Timms (acoustic guitar and groove!), and my wonderful wife Kerri Lacey (keyboards, bv’s and bassoon (as you do),

Ellie Moroney-Timms, Alex Hudson, Kerri Lacey and ME!

Jake J Wilson (Electric Guitar, Mandolin, Pedal Steel and epic beard), Ashley Turner (Bass and Double Bass and tallness), Greg Johns (Drums and jellyfish), Jess Ciampa (vibraphone, congas, things that shake and rattle and bv’s)

Me, Jake J Wilson, Greg Johns, Jess Ciampa and Ashley Turner

we took to the stage and hoped for the best. We were so ecstatic to not only have a crowd, but their enthusiasm for the show was out of this world! I can’t express how grateful we were for every single person who made the trip out to support us. Mind officially blown! If you couldn’t make it (and why NOT??) here’s what you missed…..

#australiasonlykdlangtribute #powerhousediva #soscaredbuthappy

THE QUEENS…Since Christmas I have been on and off the beautiful Cunard Queens. Last week saw me finish my contracts on the majestic Queen Mary 2.

You can see me in the reflection….trying to focus on my phone screen!

Don’t tell anyone, but she’s my favourite! She combines old school elegance with class and refinement. The place I spend most of my time on board, the Royal Court Theatre, is just a little bit more intimate on the ship. Considering she is the largest of them all it would seem a little odd. The Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria have raked “theatre-style” seats and can sometimes feel a little impersonal, as there is a “swimming pool” of seats close to the stage where no-one likes to sit. The QM2 (yes, I’m on very familiar terms with her!) has more cabaret-style seating, and the audience feels closer – which I like much better. All 3 of these grand “ladies” have 8 piece bands which is so exciting to work with.

The Royal Court Theatre Orchestra

We usually work with trios here in “Clubland” in Australia (piano, bass and drums). Our Aussie musos are the best, as they constantly try to sound like an orchestra and they give it all. To have the “horns” (trumpet, tenor sax, trombone and alto sax) however is a real treat and I must say I really dig it! Obviously, I can’t put heaps of photos up here (we’d be here all day) so here’s a couple.

Until next time, be safe, be well, and be kind to each other


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