Lisa takes to the Studio

Lisa takes to the Studio

Yes folks, it’s official….Lisa is heading back into the studio but this time, it is for a very special project – The Music of KD Lang.

In 2019, Lisa launched her new show “Constant Craving – the Music of KD Lang”. This has been a long time dream of Lisa’s to honour the music of this amazing vocalist. She has teamed with Nicholas Cristo to create a magical experience, taking the audience on a journey of discovery about this “Kooky little country singer from Canada”.

First it was the Blue Mountains. A great show but needed some rewrites. Then it was the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre. True magic began to happen. But it was Sutherland Entertainment Centre where we were really able to showcase this fantastic creation.

Now it’s time to share it with the broader community and the world. So where else to cement the creative process than in the studio. Bring in Dan Skeed (the owner of Skeed Music). This young man has quite a resume. Dan has worked with many high profile Australian artists including Reigan Derry, Casey Donovan and Brothers 3, just to name a few.

A passionate, dynamic & musical approach to song production, combined with a modern & contemporary polish is what makes Dan stand out from the rest. Excelling in numerous genres of contemporary music, from rock music, right through pop, RnB & country music genres, Dan has made his mark on the industry in recent times with Aria chart topping songs & a vast knowledge of what works both sonically & musically in today’s market.

So want to see what they have been up to? Well here is the first instalment of the “Constant Craving Studio Session”. Enjoy!

“Constant Craving Studio Sessions #1”

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  1. K D herself would be clapping and cheering and nodding her head knowing you’ve done her proud. And Benno loved it just like I did. Lump worthy and smiles all round from me Missy. xxxx

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